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What type of ingredients do you use?
Our candles are made with 100% soy wax & gel wax with a blend of fragrance oils. 

Do you use essential oils in your candles?
We use high-quality premium fragrance oils. We think fragrance oils are better for candles, as it has a stronger scent throw.

What are your wicks made of?
All of our wicks are 100% cotton.

What makes Amor Fino Scents different?
We've prided ourselves making high-quality products. Each & every candle is hand-designed and hand poured with love. 

I have a specific scent. Can you make it?
If you have a special scent that you would like in your candle please feel free to chat  or email us at

Can I get my product personalized?
Absolutely! Complete our custom order form located in our website menu if you would like your candle to be special ordered. There will be an upcharge for any special orders depending on what you request.


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